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Greenspotting: miracle drug HOCl

How a mild acid from mammalian bodies naturally renders dangerous corona viruses and other microorganisms harmless.

When we hurt ourselves, the body heals itself. To do this, it even uses disinfectants that have been perfected for this purpose by nature over millions of years. One of these miracle agents is HOCl. Hypochlorous acid is a mild acid formed in the white blood cells of all mammals. Thus, HOCl is an essential part of the immune system, which also acts with high efficiency in wound disinfection. So it is obvious to imitate nature and produce HOCl artificially, to use it as a disinfectant and to find further applications. The starting point of this imitation is to stay as close as possible to nature in order to minimize further environmental pollution by humans.

oji is a young German company from near Berlin that is taking up this bionic approach in order to make a contribution against the spread of corona: with devices that distribute HOCl in the form of fine mist particles, so-called aerosols, in the ambient air. There, HOCl acts as it would in nature, in the human body or during its treatment, and naturally renders viruses as well as other microorganisms harmless.

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