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Innovation aerosolis

The aerosolis®️ process for the permanent elimination of viruses and bacteria in closed rooms is highly effective. Proven by scientific studies and practical test series by the Fraunhofer Institute, Henkel, C.S.B., Hygiene Institut Schubert.

(Berlin/Nauen) It will only be possible to stay safely indoors if viruses and bacteria are deactivated before an infection can take place. This is precisely the function performed by the aerosolis®️ products developed by oji, which produce a protective atmosphere for people with ultra-fine nano-aerosols based on a light hypochlorous acid (HOCl).

The longer the pandemic lasts, the clearer it becomes: Indoor air is the most important arena in the fight against the coronavirus. Because only when carefree inhalation in closed rooms is possible again can we think of a return to normality. Wearing masks, keeping your distance, occasional disinfection of surfaces, ventilation and months of lockdown are not enough: they reduce the risk of transmission, but cannot eliminate it.

The unique aerosolis®️ disinfection and prevention system creates a protective atmosphere.

The aerosolis®️ disinfection and prevention system produces a protective atmosphere that deactivates viruses and bacteria immediately where they occur. The nano-aerosols made of a light hypochlorous acid (HOCl) are a disinfectant that is well tolerated by humans and has been used in medicine and hygiene for over 100 years.

"aerosolis®️ provides continuous and thorough disinfection in the background, while people can go about their business undisturbed".

Dr Thomas Bone-Winkel said. "Coronaviruses are so reduced in this protective atmosphere that people can practically no longer become infected by aerosol transmission or on surfaces."

Henkel AG, Fraunhofer Institute, C.S.B. GmbH and Hygiene Institut Schubert confirm effectiveness and compatibility with scientific studies and practical tests.

Dr Roland Breves (Henkel & Co KG) said:

"We were initially sceptical whether it was even possible to render germs in the air harmless with an active ingredient nebulised in small quantities. But our laboratory tests show the high effectiveness of the process."

The renowned Schubert Hygiene Institute has also established the effectiveness in practical tests. The Fraunhofer Institute proves the compatibility with their study. The results were also substantiated by an exposure assessment by C.S.B. GmbH. All studies and test reports are available here.

Prof. Dr. Felix Herth, Chief Physician Pneumology and Respiratory Medicine, Medical Managing Director Thorax Klinik Heidelberg, is convinced of aerosolis®️:

"HOCl is also a component of the body's own immune system. Inhaling a light hypochlorous acid is not harmful to the lungs and human mucous membranes, possibly even helpful, as it renders viruses and bacteria harmless but cannot penetrate human cells."

Prof. Dr. Clemens Bulitta, an expert in the field of medical technology, sees not only the coronavirus but also the multi-resistant germs increasingly occurring in hospitals as an area of application for aerosolis®️:

"The enrichment of the room climate with a slightly hypochlorous acid can effectively interrupt the transmission of infections via the air and surfaces. While the Corona pandemic is a devastating one, it is only one of many challenges posed by infections and infectious diseases worldwide. Effective, robust and efficient disinfection measures are therefore increasingly important."

Press conference on 16 March 2021 at 13.00 hrs.


- Dr. Dr. Dirk Boecker (medical doctor, physical chemist and nutritionist, scientific director oji Europe GmbH, Berlin).

- Dr. Roland Breves (Microbiologist, Head of the Laboratory for Microbiology of Henkel AG & Co KGaA, Düsseldorf)

- Prof. Dr. Clemens Bulitta (Dean Faculty of Industrial Engineering and Health at the Amberg-Weiden University of Applied Sciences, Head of Institute for Medical Technology, Weiden)

- Dr Thomas Bone-Winkel (Managing Director of oji Europe GmbH, Nauen).

oji Europe GmbH, headquartered in Nauen, Brandenburg, and with branches in Dubai, Delhi, Vienna, London, Madrid and Shenzhen, develops and produces electronic locking systems in its main business. In addition, it develops and produces devices for continuous disinfection and devices for point of care testing. oji already supplies office and apartment buildings in Abu Dhabi, Delhi and Dubai. Customers include Hyatt Hotels, Etisalat, Dubai Airport, Dubai College, etc. Last year, the company achieved a turnover of a good 16 million euros.

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