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Interview "Homeoffice bei oji"

There are many ways to get together and work together in times of the home office, but most of them do not bring a sense of community. We now work with teemyco and don't want to miss our online office.

Hi Greta! Can you tell us a little about yourself and how you started with Teemyco?

I am Greta, the Head of Marketing at oji Europe GmbH. The company was founded in 2020 with a mission to save the live entertainment industry after it was first hit by Covid 19 outbreaks and subsequent closures. The company is based in Nauen, near Berlin, Germany. However, our team has offices all over. Lisbon, Portugal, Madrid, Spain, Dubai, MEA, Vienna, Austria, all over Germany and many other places.

We meet in person once every two months. We meet every day in our Teemyco office and we LOVE it. We just come to our offices, talk, see each other and chat about ideas together. Before, we only used Google Meet and our meetings always had to be scheduled first.

How has the pandemic affected the team's interaction? Is there anything you miss about a physical office?

Personally, I have never worked in a physical office! I started working during the pandemic. However, my other colleagues have mentioned that they don't miss their office life too much as we see each other virtually quite often. Before we worked with Teemyco, it was difficult to make friends at work because there was no opportunity to chat and joke around. But now we have to force ourselves not to chat too much!

What are the benefits of remote working for the team?

The flexibility in terms of working hours is amazing. Our CEO believes that staff should be able to arrange their days however they prefer, so start later/stop later or be an early riser and leave early.

Also, being able to work and concentrate in silence is something we really appreciate at Teemyco - you have the freedom to create a quiet space where you are not disturbed. The only thing we miss are the coffee breaks where you make each other a coffee to enjoy together.

How has using a virtual office affected interaction with team members and externals?

It's more straightforward and saves us a lot of time because we can just walk into our office and have a big meeting with lots of people. When we were limited to phones and Google Meet, it could be cumbersome and time-consuming. So far, we haven't had the opportunity to invite many guests to our virtual office as we are in a very busy product development phase. But soon we will have many presentations - I am looking forward to inviting guests to our beautiful office!

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