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Loyal employees are expensive employees

Why a loyal employee can become expensive is quickly explained:

Who hasn't experienced it? You don't feel well on Monday morning and still drag yourself to work. But what impact this has on the company is something most employees do not ask themselves.

A sick employee infects his colleagues and leads to exponentially increasing sick leave. Measures to reduce sick leave have become very popular in many companies since the pandemic at the latest - because cash is at stake.

The most common reason for sick leave is general upper respiratory illness, followed by gastrointestinal illness. COVID is currently at the top of the list. All these diseases are spread through aerosols or smear infection in the workplace, which quickly leads to further infections in other employees.


An office building has an area of 30,000 m². Such an area is sufficient for 1,600 employees. The annual salaries in this building amount to about €128 million. A 1% reduction in annual sick leave through clean air and surfaces means savings of €1.28 million.

oji active air continuously and automatically prevents infections through the existing ventilation system in buildings. The Brandenburg-based start-up works with local AHU companies and their clients to develop customised and life-changing solutions that positively impact public health. In addition to the AHU upgrade, oji offers an online platform to provide real-time information about air quality to visitors, employees and the trusted AHU company. Long-term disinfection also means prevention of work disability.

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