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More than a disinfectant: HOCl

Hypochlorous acid eliminates germs and promotes health

Humans are constantly surrounded by "microbes" - microorganisms such as bacteria, viruses or fungi are everywhere in the environment. These microbes are often referred to as pathogens. When trying to render these pathogens harmless, alcohol or chlorine-based disinfectants are used. But is this always necessary and good for health? And are there perhaps other approaches to reducing the germ load in the air and on surfaces?

Not only harms germs

In order to be able to clean surfaces properly, it was previously necessary to wipe them with disinfectants. A very effective way to reduce the number of microbes on it. But only if the disinfection process is repeated regularly. According to experts, the effect of antibacterial cleaners does not last long. This established cleaning method also has disadvantages. Sensitive surfaces can be attacked by the agents and disinfectants can damage the protective layer of the skin with a lot of contact and can lead to allergies and eczema. But not only the skin can be attacked by disinfectants. Especially when using spray bottles, chemicals can enter the human body via the respiratory tract and attack the mucous membranes. According to the application instructions from a disinfectant manufacturer, conventional disinfectants are not suitable for use near open wounds, mucous membranes, respiratory tract and eyes.

HOCl: Molecular Immune Booster

A new approach using hypochlorous acid promises automatic and continuous surface cleaning. But who stops there? With this new method, hypochlorous acid, an immune booster that occurs naturally in the body, is introduced into the room air at the molecular level. The degradation rate of molecular hypochlorous acid is much slower than disinfectants, increasing the range and effectiveness of air and surface disinfection. In contrast to disinfectants, the use of HOCl free from side effects and risks. HOCl is even so good for us that the mild acid is not only used in multiple applications in COVID therapy, but is also used in dermatology, in wound care and in medical mouth, nose and eye rinses. While disinfection only has the added value of reducing germs, the HOCl process also has a healing effect.

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