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News: oji is the proud owner of a work of art

It was with great pleasure that we bought a painting from the Rainman's Home art workshop at an auction.

All exhibits are produced exclusively by clients, as far as it is possible for them due to their impairment. They paint, sew, potter and so wonderful works are created.

The Soultouch association has created a series of events where Rainman's Home exhibits are displayed and auctioned off during concerts. All proceeds go to Rainman's Home. Soultouch's next event will take place on 06.05.22.https://

As we will not be able to attend the concert ourselves on 06.05.22, our Country Manager Alexander Kopellos was allowed to visit Rainman's Home in advance and was presented with the artwork by the Chairman Dr. Anton Diestelberger and the Pedagogical Director Dr. Therese Zöttl.

We support Rainman's Home, will you soon too?

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