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No more Corona: with oji active air at Rainman's Home Vienna

Something in the air

"The pandemic put pressure on all of us. Some of the measures we took were very restrictive. A donation of air purifiers from Soultouch and oji came at just the right time. These devices work with the oji active air technology (

Infectious aerosols exhaled by spreaders can thus be deactivated immediately in the air, effectively breaking the chain of infection. Bacteria and viruses are removed from the room air.

At the Semperstraße location, this solution is also optimal because it is not so easy to ventilate the rooms here.

An impressive effect was seen in the last few weeks.

Covid cases occurred in the other two day-care centres, but not in Semperstraße since we put the new devices into operation. Hopefully they will remain as effective as before."

Quelle: Rainman‘s Home Intern I 2. Quartal 2022/Nr. 72 I E: I

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