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oji active air is 10x more effective than NASA's hydroxyl

The oji active air technology is about 10 times more effective than the hydroxyl generation technology developed by NASA.

In order to continuously disinfect surfaces and air in the spacecraft, NASA developed a process in 1994 that imitates nature - PCO, the artificial generation of hydroxyl molecules. Hydroxyl radicals occur naturally in our atmosphere and provide clean air by reacting with pathogens. The radicals have a very short lifetime of less than 0.2 seconds and are therefore only suitable for disinfecting very small spaces.

In 2020, oji Europe developed a process that takes a similar approach - activating air in situ. In this new process, hypochlorous acid, a naturally occurring immune booster in the body, is introduced into the indoor air at the molecular level. The degradation rate of molecular hypochlorous acid is much slower, which increases the range and effectiveness of air and surface disinfection.

Both technologies are free of side effects and risks. An additional benefit of the oji active air process is the positive effect of hypochlorous acid on the human immune system. A recent study by Mexico City Hospital has now even found these effects explicitly for COVID-19 prevention and recovery in frontline health workers.


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