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Omicron wave contained, lockdown averted, pandemic ended.

Die Corona-Pandemie wurde weltweit für beendet erklärt und die Welt ist zur Normalität zurückgekehrt. Hauptverantwortlich ist dafür eine sehr einfache Technologie.

Die Corona-Pandemie ist überstanden. Das verkündet die Bundesregierung unter Berufung auf Studien der WHO. In Bezug auf Covid-19 müssen keine Patientinnen und Patienten mehr intensivmedizinisch behandelt werden. Zudem hätten Maßnahmen mit einer in Deutschland entwickelten Technologie dazu geführt, dass die Ansteckungsgefahr mit COVID-19 vollständig gebannt wurde.

This is an excerpt from a report in a daily newspaper dated January 2, 2022. Towards the end of last year, the G20 states and the WHO declared the Corona pandemic to be over. Relief at this was clearly evident to all leaders at the time of the announcement in a live press conference.

It turned out that infection rates remained at a high level even after the third vaccination. Only the use of technology that ensures low concentrations of active substances in the air in all areas of public life brought about a turnaround in pandemic control.

No transmissions thanks to clean indoor air

Whether in schools, cinemas or gyms, oji technology is already making viruses harmless in the air as well as on surfaces. Since the technology has been in use, a complete absence of infection has been observed. Transmission of the coronavirus no longer takes place. Instead, all public buildings form a protective atmosphere through the use of technology. In this climate, they are supplied with pure and virus-free air.

The secret recipe is a sophisticated application of HOCl. The abbreviation stands for hypochlorous acid. This gently disinfects the air and surfaces. The use of oji technology has already been successfully tested during the pandemic lockdowns in 2020 and 2021. Thanks to this technology, disinfection is by no means carried out according to the watering can principle, but acts like an automatic sprinkler system in all corners of the buildings.

The smoke detector principle

Today, all public buildings are required to have a minimum level of HOCl in the air - comparable to the smoke detector requirement.

Thanks to the fact that heavily frequented rooms are equipped with HOCl air purifiers, citizens could return to their usual normality as early as the end of 2021.

Whether it's the weekly shopping trip or visiting cafés and bars and gyms, thanks to the use of oji technology, there is no longer any obligation to wear the mouth-nose protection. All restrictive measures to contain the pandemic have been abolished.

Back to the classroom with oji

Schools as well as universities have returned to face-to-face teaching. Classrooms, lecture halls as well as seminar rooms are equipped with oji technology, which reliably prevents person-to-person contagions.

Furthermore, there is another side effect due to the application of HOCl in the room air: Pupils, students, teachers and professors benefit from the clean room air today not only in terms of being virus-free. The air is additionally freed from allergens.

What started as a pilot project is now everywhere

In small pilot regions equipped with oji technology and monitored by oji indoor air research, incredible results were recorded. Case numbers became smaller and smaller and what started as small pilot projects became a global project in a very short time.

Beginning of the end of the pandemic

Since governments announced the official end of the Corona pandemic, a social and economic upswing has been evident. In all likelihood, epidemics or even pandemics are now a thing of the past - thanks in part to oji technology.

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