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Press release: oji develops HVAC upgrade for new hygiene standards in buildings

Berlin, 03.01.2022 - At the turn of the year, oji Europe GmbH is switching from B2C to a B2B system. An AHU upgrade that connects to ventilation systems to enable long-term disinfection of air and surfaces in public buildings.

"Once people understand that it is possible to maintain this level of hygiene in public spaces, they will expect it as standard everywhere."

Thomas Bone-Winkel, Founder and Manager oji Europe GmbH

Specially developed Dräger sensors make indoor air quality measurable and visible. oji Europe GmbH has been investing in research and development since the beginning of the pandemic. The course of the pandemic shows the necessity of optimised, holistic hygiene concepts in public buildings. Thus, oji is now converting the oji active air technology from solutions for smaller rooms in the private customer sector to solutions for buildings - made possible by the simple connection with room air conditioning systems and permanent monitoring of the air quality.

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