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Prevention is better than cure

An American study shows possible increasing health risks with multiple infections through covid. Does prevention need to be increasingly focused on in the future?

The initial infection with Covid is associated with an increased risk of acute and post-acute damage in the pulmonary and extrapulmonary organ systems. The American study weighed up the extent to which multiple infections increase the risks of these damages. For this purpose, data from an American health database were analysed in order to be able to assess burdens, even 6 months after the acute phase. It was shown that a reinfection, compared to an initial infection, carries an additional risk of damage to organ systems (cardiovascular disorders, coagulation and haematological disorders, diabetes, fatigue, gastrointestinal disorders, kidney disorders, mental disorders, musculoskeletal disorders and neurological disorders). Compared to uninfected control subjects, the assessment showed that the severity of disease progression increased as the number of infections increased. Prevention is necessary to sustainably prevent reinfections.

In order to be able to preventively counteract the occurrence of infections, new approaches must be taken. One approach is the use of hypochlorous acid. The decomposition rate of molecular hypochlorous acid is much slower than with other methods, which increases the range and effectiveness of air and surface disinfection. Unlike "normal" disinfectants, the technology is not only free of side effects and risks, but also has additional positive properties for the human immune system. The Brandenburg start-up oji Europe thus makes prevention easier and more effective than ever. A big step towards a safe future indoors.

The study

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