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The most hygienic veterinary practice

oji not only supplies large buildings with the pioneering technology for controlled and continuous hygiene, but for once is on the road locally.

Our animal-loving team is pleased that from now on, not only people but also animals will be safe in the practice rooms of the veterinary practice Dr. Th. Simmet with the oji active air protective atmosphere. Thanks to the world's first long-term disinfection based on hypochlorous acid, the process not only ensures clean air and surfaces in waiting rooms, but also simplifies and intensifies the cleaning of treatment rooms and operating theatres thanks to the continuously running equipment. This makes viruses, bacteria and fungi harmless for humans and animals already in the air. Especially in veterinary clinics and closed livestock husbandry, this system can prevent many viral diseases and other zoonoses and, for example, significantly reduce the large-scale use of antibiotics.

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