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Travelgerms: Please mind the gap!

Public transport operators strive to ensure the safety of their passengers. Ventilation systems are designed to provide air exchange and fresh air supply in the carriages or buses. Filter systems have also been used for some years, which are cleaned several times a day and regularly replaced by some companies. Such measures require more personnel and cannot completely exclude infections. Therefore, the question now is how to bridge the gap from inadequate filter systems to controlled long-term disinfection.

This is the task oji Europe GmbH is tackling with its mission to improve hygiene in buildings and in the transport sector. Thus, the start-up's research and development department is working on ways to make the oji active air technology so mobile that it can easily be used in buses and trains to provide a pleasant protective atmosphere.

As measurement results show, only a minimal concentration of hypochlorous acid is needed in the air to minimise the number of bacteria and viruses with or without people in the room and to virtually eliminate them on surfaces. The oji active air system has the power to monitor, analyse and optimise the entire room climate.

So in the future, no passenger will have to worry about possible infections on board and delays will be the only issue of concern.

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