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Constantly monitored, continuously safe.

Unscharfe Bรผro-Innenraum
Welcome to Biosavety - Your partner for ongoing air purification. Our automated system ensures a consistently purified air environment, securing health and safety.




Our system operates autonomously 24/7 to ensure optimal air quality.


Continuously improves air, reduces risks, and protects people and products in your building.


Biosavety effortlessly integrates into your existing ventilation infrastructure.


State-of-the-art sensors monitor air quality and respond immediately as needed.

Biosavety System for Pathogen Reduction oji HOCl

Ubiquitous Pathogens: Humans, just like animals and food, continuously emit pathogens into the air, increasing the risk of inhaling harmful microorganisms in indoor environments.

Persistent Odors: Unpleasant odors, often a result of organic decomposition and daily activities, can significantly affect comfort and productivity in indoor spaces.

Harmful VOCs: Volatile organic compounds (VOCs) and other harmful substances like ammonia and sulfur compounds are prevalent in indoor environments, affecting air quality and wellbeing.


On average, we spend 80-90% of our lives indoors where the air can be 2-5 times more polluted than outside. Every day, we inhale thousands of liters of this air, which is teeming with unseen pathogens, volatile organic compounds (VOCs), and allergens. These pollutants bypass our daily cleaning routines and quietly undermine our health and wellbeing.


Biosavety is your breakthrough in indoor air quality management — patented, precise, and always vigilant. It is nothing like other air purification systems, it is creating and maintaining a specific range of HOCl in the air of your ventilation system, making your space not just clean, but naturally pure.
Biosavety actively reduces the presence of harmful pathogens like E. coli and neutralizes unpleasant odors by up to 90% every minute throughout the building.

Microbial Control: Neutralizes a broad spectrum of pathogens including bacteria, viruses, fungi, and allergens.

Odor Neutralization: Efficiently counteracts a wide range of odors, particularly those caused by organic decomposition.

Chemical Reactivity: Mitigates various (in)organic odorous compounds, including ammonia and sulfur-containing substances.

Biosavety System for Pathogen Reduction oji HOCl


Public Spaces: It reduces pathogens, supports focused activities and learning, enhances well-being, and is crucial for maintaining sterile environments, leading to overall healthier and safer indoor spaces.โ€‹

Food Production: Protect against livestock infections and prevent food contamination, ensuring longer freshness and shelf-life.

Industrial Applications: Neutralize production odors and eliminate biofilms for consistently clean operations.

Specifically designed for use in public buildings to provide and protect people with better air, Biosavety's modular design also enables it to enhance air quality in various indoor settings. From animal and plant breeding facilities, sensitive product manufacturing areas, food processing plants, to industrial environments, Biosavety consistently ensures superior air quality.

With Biosavety, invest in a future where clean and safe air is a standard in every indoor space. Experience the difference that continuously purified and monitored air quality makes in your environment.

Biosavety System for Pathogen Reduction oji HOCl


Integrating Biosavety into your existing or new ventilation systems is a breeze. Designed for simplicity, it requires minimal setup and operates autonomously once installed. With maintenance and monitoring included in the monthly service, Biosavety ensures optimal air purification without any additional effort or workload on your part. Enjoy a modern, hassle-free solution to air purification that seamlessly fits into your building, providing continuous, worry-free air quality management.


Monitoring air quality is key to maintaining a healthy indoor environment. Biosavety's advanced sensors continuously measure critical parameters such as humidity, temperature, and pollutant levels. This real-time data ensures that Biosavety responds effectively to maintain optimal air quality, providing peace of mind and a healthier space for occupants.

Temperature: Keeping track of indoor climate for comfort and health.


... And More: Customizable to measure additional parameters as needed.

Pressure: Gauging air pressure for comprehensive environmental control.


Humidity: Ensuring ideal moisture levels for a balanced environment.


HOCl Levels: Monitoring the concentration of Hypochlorous Acid for optimal air purification.


CO2: Monitoring carbon dioxide for better air quality and ventilation.


Ammonia: Detecting ammonia levels to maintain air quality and safety.

Biosavety System for Pathogen Reduction oji HOCl



Biosavety takes what nature gives—salt and water—and turns it into a solution that's as safe as it is powerful. We stand guard to protect not just the well-being of all who share this space but also our planet's resources. With Biosavety, experience a world where safety and sustainability coexist beautifully.


As far back as 1891, an article in The Electrical Engineer journal discussed the importance of pure air on ships, utilizing electricity to generate chlorine gas for disinfection. This innovative approach from the past mirrors Biosavety's modern commitment to indoor air quality. Just as good lighting was vital for comfort, we understand that pure air is essential for health and safety, a principle that remains unchanged over a century later.


Prof. Dr. med. Clemens Bulitta, Working Group on Hospital Construction and Air Technology of the DGKH, Head of the Institute for Medical Technology at the Amberg Weiden Technical University

"The fact that we actually have a hygiene problem is evident from the fact that measures such as compulsory masks, contact ban, and lockdown have led to declining incidence figures. However, the central transmission route via airborne aerosol particles can only be inadequately interrupted by such methods. Here, the oji method of active air purification offers an attractive complementary method to established procedures such as ventilation and filtering."

"Our laboratory tests confirm the high biocidal efficacy of the oji process."


In the air, we measure a deactivation rate of all common pathogens of up to 90% per minute, depending on the chosen concentration.


(Pseudom. aeruginosa, Staph. aureus, E. hirae, E. coli, C. albicans, Staph. warnerii, Vaccinia virus)

Univ.-Prof. Dr. Felix Herth, Head of the Thorax Clinic at the University of Heidelberg

"The existing studies from oji on reducing the danger posed by pathogenic germs in indoor air form a solid basis for the recognition of HOCl as a biocidal agent for safe air purification. From a medical point of view, the oji process makes an important complementary contribution to containing the global Corona pandemic."


Discover the compelling scientific evidence and expert endorsements behind Biosavety's cutting-edge air purification technology. Renowned professionals and rigorous laboratory tests affirm the effectiveness and necessity of our approach in contemporary indoor air management.