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Unscharfe Bรผro-Innenraum

Fully automated disinfection

Our system operates autonomously 24/7 to ensure optimal air quality.

Promotes safety

Continuously improves air, reduces risks, and protects people and products in your building.

HVAC integration

Biosavety effortlessly integrates into your existing ventilation infrastructure.

Real-time monitoring

State-of-the-art sensors monitor air quality and respond immediately as needed.

Everyday Biosavety
Novel air and surface decontamination system for permanent and complete decontamination of any indoor setting with unparalleled effectiveness and minimal environmental impact.
Biosavety System for Pathogen Reduction oji HOCl

Hospital Acquired Infections: Annually, 3.8 million patients in hospitals across the EU contract nosocomial infections, equating to 1 out of every 5 patients. The mortality rate for these infections stands at 38.4%.

Overuse and Resistance: The WHO reports antibiotic resistance causes 1.3 million deaths globally each year. Within the European Economic Area, antibiotic-resistant infections result in over 35,000 deaths annually. 

Environmental and Workplace Impact: The reliance on toxic chemicals and single-use plastics poses environmental hazards, compromises workplace safety, and contributes to substantial losses in industries like food production due to contamination and spoilage.

Health Hazards

In today’s world, maintaining air and surface hygiene is not just a preference but a necessity for businesses. The presence of pathogens poses significant risks to public health and operational efficiency. 

Antimicrobial Air

Biosavety is nothing like other air purification systems, it is creating and maintaining a specific range of HOCl in the air of your ventilation system, making your space not just clean, but naturally pure.
Biosavety actively reduces the presence of harmful pathogens like E. coli and neutralizes unpleasant odors by up to 95% every minute throughout the building.

Microbial Control: Neutralizes a broad spectrum of pathogens including bacteria, viruses, fungi, and allergens.

Odor Neutralization: Efficiently counteracts a wide range of odors, particularly those caused by organic decomposition.

Breaks the infection chain among humans and animals, prevents pathogen build-up and reaches every corner



Collaborations for sensor development and extensive testing with leading laboratories proved the effectiveness and safety of our technology, marking a significant step towards practical application.

Sensor Development

Collaboration with Dräger led to the creation of the first-ever HOCl sensor, a breakthrough enabling precise, scientific validation of our technology's efficacy and safety.


With Henkel's microbiology laboratories, our technology underwent rigorous testing against various pathogens. Over two years and more than 100 tests, we demonstrated unparalleled effectiveness in pathogen reduction, underscoring our commitment to scientific excellence.


Comprehensive exposure assessments with renowned institutes affirmed our technology's safety, significantly below EU thresholds.



A pivotal year that saw the evolution of our solution into a more sustainable and effective system, validated in real-world settings and recognized with regulatory approval.

Second Protoype

Evolution led to innovation. By adopting evaporation over microdroplets and integrating with HVAC systems, we achieved sustainable, building-wide disinfection. This pivot marked a significant leap towards our vision, demonstrating our technology's effectiveness in real-world settings, from hospitals to trade fairs.

Real-World Validation

Extensive testing across various environments validated the effectiveness of our system in reducing pathogens and maintaining HOCl stability, regardless of space dynamics. This phase culminated in the ECHA's approval of HOCl as a biocide for PT2, PT3 and PT4, a testament to our technology's safety and efficacy. 

Early 2020


A vision for revolutionary disinfection technology took root, leading to initial research and the development of the first prototype, highlighting both potential and challenges in effective and sustainable disinfection solutions.

The Birth of an Idea

In the face of a global challenge, our vision was born: to revolutionize the continuous and effective disinfection of air and surfaces. Our mission initiated with a groundbreaking concept – leveraging the potent yet safe properties of Hypochlorous Acid (HOCl) to purify the air we breathe.


Our journey began in earnest, as we delved into the science of HOCl, unraveling its potential to create safer, cleaner environments. This foundational period was marked by intense research and development, setting the stage for a transformative solution.

First protoype

Our initial prototype was a testament to innovation but revealed the journey ahead. Designed to produce HOCl microdroplets, it faced challenges – sustainability concerns with liquid refills, operational complexity, and uneven distribution. These insights were invaluable, guiding us towards a more refined, impactful solution.



With our first patent granted and additional patents pending, Biosavety is set to launch globally, promising to set new standards in hygiene and safety across indoor environments.

IP Protection

Our commitment to innovation was further solidified with the granting of our first patent, protecting the unique idea of introducing HOCl into the air. With additional patents pending, our intellectual property portfolio underscores our leadership in biosafety technology.

On the Horizon – 2024 and Beyond

As we approach commercialization, Biosavety stands at the forefront of setting new standards for indoor hygiene and safety. Having achieved TRL6 and successfully conducting feasibility studies, we are poised to bring our life-saving technology to the global market, embodying our vision of creating safer, healthier environments for all.

Effortless Disinfection

With maintenance and monitoring covered in our monthly service, Biosavety offers a modern, hassle-free approach to air quality management, keeping your environment safe and clean without additional workload. Experience worry-free air quality control that fits seamlessly into your space.

Real-time Monitoring

Biosavety's advanced sensors ensure a healthy indoor environment by continuously monitoring humidity, temperature, and pollutants. With real-time data, BioSavety actively maintains optimal air quality, offering peace of mind and a healthier space for everyone.

Temperature: Keeping track of indoor climate for comfort and health.


... And More: Customizable to measure additional parameters as needed.

Pressure: Gauging air pressure for comprehensive environmental control.


Humidity: Ensuring ideal moisture levels for a balanced environment.


HOCl Levels: Monitoring the concentration of Hypochlorous Acid for optimal air purification.


CO2: Monitoring carbon dioxide for better air quality and ventilation.


Ammonia: Detecting ammonia levels to maintain air quality and safety.

Ruhige See

Mimicking Nature

Biosavety transforms simple elements like salt and water into a potent yet safe solution, which is also produced by our own immune response. We safeguard the well-being of occupants and the planet alike. With Biosavety, discover a harmonious blend of safety and sustainability.

Prof. Dr. med. Clemens Bulitta, Working Group on Hospital Construction and Air Technology of the DGKH, Head of the Institute for Medical Technology at the Amberg Weiden Technical University

"The fact that we actually have a hygiene problem is evident from the fact that measures such as compulsory masks, contact ban, and lockdown have led to declining incidence figures. However, the central transmission route via airborne aerosol particles can only be inadequately interrupted by such methods. Here, the oji method of active air purification offers an attractive complementary method to established procedures such as ventilation and filtering."

"Our laboratory tests confirm the high biocidal efficacy of the oji process."


In the air, we measure a deactivation rate of all common pathogens of up to 95% per minute, depending on the chosen concentration.


(Pseudom. aeruginosa, Staph. aureus, E. hirae, E. coli, C. albicans, Staph. warnerii, Vaccinia virus)

Univ.-Prof. Dr. Felix Herth, Head of the Thorax Clinic at the University of Heidelberg

"The existing studies from oji on reducing the danger posed by pathogenic germs in indoor air form a solid basis for the recognition of HOCl as a biocidal agent for safe air purification. From a medical point of view, the oji process makes an important complementary contribution to containing the global Corona pandemic."

The Impact of Biosavety

Discover the compelling scientific evidence and expert endorsements behind Biosavety's cutting-edge air purification technology. Renowned professionals and rigorous laboratory tests affirm the effectiveness and necessity of our approach in contemporary indoor air management.

Dual Defense

Beyond Air: Biosavety's Dual Impact. Our field tests show Biosavety's prowess extends beyond air purification to significantly lower surface germs, offering a comprehensive solution for cleanliness. Every space with Biosavety gains an extra layer of safety and hygiene.

Biosavety System for Pathogen Reduction oji HOCl

Our method of infusing HOCl gas into indoor air is safeguarded by a granted patent. This unique technology, along with our exclusive sensors monitoring and adjusting HOCl levels, exemplifies our dedication to pioneering research and development. By choosing Biosavety, you're not just opting for a solution — you're investing in a future where advanced, protected technology sets new standards in indoor air quality.