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Team von Wirtschaftsingenieuren


Our goal is to make this advanced level of biosafety affordable, sustainable, and accessible globally, significantly reducing the impact of pathogens on our daily lives. Meet the individuals passionately driving our shared vision with expertise and determination.
Greta Bone-Winkel

Managing Director. Passionate and motivated, Greta brings a fresh perspective and the ability to switch between different viewpoints. She has the strategic foresight for the further development of the technology.

Dr. Dr.
Dirk Boecker

CTO. Experience driving operational excellence and innovation in the healthcare industry. Dirk, a detail-oriented researcher responsible for Biosavety's patent work and HOCl research. Safety is his top priority.

oji Biosavety Adrian Drechsel
Adrian Drechsel

Our IoT solution architect: A visionary who combines innovation and technology. With a deep understanding of IoT ecosystems, he designs and orchestrates connected solutions that revolutionize industries, increase efficiency and shape the future.

°Independent Contractor for Biosavety

oji Biosavety Martin Schwedler
Martin Schwedler

COO. As an HVAC engineer from Berlin, Martin is a doer who brings a deep understanding of Biosafety's technology. He can build anything Biosafety needs and shares Thomas' "nothing is impossible" attitude.

Thomas Bone-Winkel

Founder & Managing Director. Thomas recognized the need for a solution to the problem of indoor air pollution. He has a proven track record in finance and strategy and is a driving force behind not only Biosafety's financial decisions.

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